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Valentines for Everyone?

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, so holidays are on my mind. I used to love holidays as a kid – any special day was worth celebrating! Even as a young adult, I would celebrate different anniversaries with friends, boyfriends, referencing concerts I’d seen, and more. I loved marking time and highlighting special days. But the older I got, the less I cared. It’s just a day, right? And honestly, who has the energy to decorate and celebrate so many little days?

Valentine’s Day seems like the most wasteful holiday to me. I know people say it’s a Hallmark holiday, made up to sell cards, and we should celebrate love every day. And I agree with all of that. I don’t like Valentine’s Day, and I don’t want a gift or flowers tomorrow. But I’m sure I’ll get them, with my husband being all about the holidays. I do have a gift for each boy – a book and some candy. (February 14th is, after all, International Book Giving Day. I’m much more excited about that holiday than Valentine’s Day.)

My son is giving out Valentines in class. This is what is the most wasteful to me – giving a card to everyone in your class. He’s in preschool, so he is only handing out about 20 cards for classmates and teachers. My stepson will have to hand out close to 30. That’s 50 little sheets of paper total, some with envelopes. And why? It’s not even to show someone you like them, since you have to give everyone a card. I get the concept – let’s not leave anyone out. But why do it at all? Can’t we just say “Happy Valentine’s Day” instead?

My son’s cards are just a slip of paper with a little shaped eraser attached. I was hoping this was more practical, since it’s something useful, and it’s not candy (considering allergies, anti-sugar folk, etc). It will probably still get thrown away (or hopefully recycled), but it seems a little more thoughtful. We don’t have cards for my stepson’s class yet because he just told us about it yesterday, but hopefully he will also choose cards without envelopes. At least that will save a bit of waste.

Enough from my crotchety self – how do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

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