I used to have a personal blog to write about writing, traveling, volunteering, and random things I did or found funny. The blog voice was my voice, but it became stilted as more people read it. I felt like I had to play to my audience.

I took a break from blogging for several years, and still wrote, but it was always for work. I haven’t written short stories in a long time, and that used to be my passion. I haven’t written conversational blogs. I started this blog thinking it would be a bit more… academic? Not citing my sources, necessarily, but I thought it would be an outlet for me to research going green and saving money, sharing what I learned, and exploring that type of lifestyle while documenting what works and what doesn’t work.

In reality, I’m not sure the academic voice is one that fits for this… or for me. I don’t think I have an audience right now, so it’s a good chance to find my voice over these first few months of posting. And, reading back over it, I do see my voice changing a lot. I can write an academic paper with the best of them, and get a perfect score. I can write web content with minor revisions and earn that paycheck. But blogging… I think blogging, to me, will already be personal. And since this blog is about adapting my life to my research and ideals, well – that’s pretty personal! So I think it’s ok if my tone is personal, too.

Like I said, I don’t really have an audience right now. Why not write in my own voice, and the audience I gain (if any!) will appreciate that tone as much as the information I present. And then, hopefully it will be easier for me to stick with my tone even if the blog or audience changes, because it’s my natural tone and informal writing style.

That being said – hello A to Z Challenge audience! I’m so excited to meet you via blogs and comments.

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