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I used to wear jeans all the time, and carried a bi-fold wallet in my back pocket. No bags unless I was going to class and carried my backpack. I actually loved that, but it was a time before cell phones (I feel so old!), so now I prefer wristlets with a little pouch for my phone and keys. But really… I don’t need a purse. If I’m carrying a lot of things, it’s because I’m going somewhere to work, and my notebook or laptop wouldn’t fit in a purse anyway, so why not carry my messenger bag?

But I love purses. I always have, even though I’ve never been a girly girl, and didn’t carry a purse in middle or high school, or even college.

Why do I love something I hardly use? The designs. The straps. The pockets. The closures. The lining.

I love unique purses, not designer purses. I have bought purses from Target and Walmart and thrift stores. I don’t care who made it or where it’s from, if there’s something unique about it, I want to carry it.

I used to have boxes of bags. That sounds funny to say, but sadly it was true. Like moving boxes full of bags. Multiples of the same style of bags, too – 3 or 4 messenger bags (some that fit a laptop, some that don’t), countless cross-body purses (some that fit a book, some that don’t), several wristlets (some that fit a cell phone, some that don’t). And don’t even get me started on the assorted wallets to go in these bags.

The bag I’m currently carrying.

Pointless. But I sat down with all of it and looked through them thoughtfully. Let’s keep one nice purse for dressy occasions. Two cross-bodies that I’ve always loved. An adorable bag my mom gave me for my birthday. A wristlet that actually fits my cards and phone. My favorite messenger bag. Two different styles of backpack. Two luggage bags.

All of it fits inside my trusty luggage backpack on the top shelf of my closet, so if I ever need to switch out a bag, I can get to it quickly, but it’s out of the way. Honestly, this is probably as “minimal” as I will ever get with bags. But it’s a big cut-down, and I really love all of the ones I’ve kept.

BONUS: I don’t get tempted to look at bags at stores anymore. Or, ok, if I get tempted, I don’t buy. I used to always convince myself I needed a “treat” since most the bags I love are less than $30. But now I can push that desire aside easily, so I think the change of mind is worth what I’ve kept!


2 thoughts on “Bags”

  1. I’ve always been resentful of the appalling lack of pockets in women’s clothing for walket, keys etc. I don’t wear makeup so don’t need a purse to carry that and with kids all grown I don’t need all their paraphernalia. It’s liberating to not have to carry a purse but when I don’t I feel like I’m missing something ! Ironic!


    1. I love big bags to carry books and stuff with me if I might have a wait anywhere… otherwise I hate carrying a bag! They hurt my shoulders before long. I do love a dress or skirt with pockets though! So hard to find.


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