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Canvas Bags

I couldn’t do yesterday’s post and NOT make today about Canvas Bags! They’re famous!

I keep several canvas bags and reusable grocery bags in my trunk. Sometimes I even remember to take them into the store with me.

I most often use them to haul my library books around, but I’m trying to be more conscious about taking them in to the grocery store with me.

My favorite canvas bag.

I’m so glad stores here have started putting bins for plastic bags in the entry. I’ve always used those as trash bags in my small kitchen and bathroom trash cans, but I know it’s still not great to use them at all since they never really biodegrade.

Do you have canvas bags? Do you use canvas bags? Are you currently singing “Canvas Bags”?

I am.

2 thoughts on “Canvas Bags”

    1. I took canvas bags to the grocery the other day and the clerk didn’t mind using them at all – that was the FIRST time that has happened to me! Usually I get an eye roll, at least. It felt like a victory!


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