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I was already interested in small living and recycling when I discovered The Zero Waste Home in 2010. I found a lot of good ideas there, things to think about, ways I could change. It was inspiring and encouraging.

Not long after that, I found The Eco Cat Lady when I was looking for insight in using baking soda and vinegar to wash my hair. Since then, I have loved this blog to see how she chooses to live her life, how she’s made it work for her (and how LONG!), and how honest she is about all of her trials and failures. Honestly, this is probably the blog I think I would like mine to be most like – open, honest, but helpful because of that honesty.

My friend Victoria blogs about minimalism, homeschooling, ending human trafficking, and more at Justice Pirate. She often posts about fair trade organizations and companies, and I’ve gotten a lot of help from her posts on fair trade issues, as well as minimalizing in general.

I just discovered My Plastic Free Life while looking up new toothbrushes. I have only read a few posts, but based on her toothbrush research, I know I can learn so much from this site. I am all about reusing things and recycling things and going plastic free seems right up my alley, so I can see using this as a resource for a long time to come.

Happy Simple Living is another site I just discovered, but the few posts I’ve read are so open and inspirational and help you look at things in a different way.

The Frugal Girl is another new find. I love finding new blogs about minimalism and being frugal because there is so much to learn, and it’s always refreshing to see a new side of things. While some blogs get repetitive with what they’re telling you (coughfashionblogscough), frugal and minimalist blogs always seem to have an interesting take on them.

Another new find: Growing Things and Making Things. It isn’t currently being updated, but the great thing about this type of blog is that the archives are incredibly helpful. This information doesn’t really go out of date, or out of style, so it’s still a great resource.

Can you handle one more new-to-me site? (I can’t help it; I just found a way to carve out some time for this type of blog under the heading of RESEARCH so I was really excited.) Living the Small Life is a blog that has a lot of variety in post topics, so I love exploring something new that doesn’t hit one point on the head over and over and over.

Thanks to a comment on my blog due to the A to Z Challenge, there is also The Frugal Veggie who will serve as a resource to help me make yummy meals on a budget, which is a new passion of mine.

And finally… I’m not as crafty as I would like to be. See: carving out time for blogs, new passion of making yummy meals, reading, having a kid, etc. But Crafting a Green World is a site I have bookmarked for the times we want to do something creative and fun using what we already have.

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