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Moving is tough. After being born and raised in one house, I moved a lot in my 20s. I stayed in each apartment for about a year around Memphis, then moved away to grad school for a year. Then moved back, then traveled, and then moved around a bit more before buying my house. Though it was always hard, I got pretty good at moving. I still have my fingers crossed that I won’t have to move again, or at least for a long time.

Packing. It can be done in so many ways. Often I through clothes, pillows, and linens into garbage bags because you will get them out sooner than most boxed stuff, and you can smush those bags into the cracks between boxes to help with space.

Oh boxes. I used to move with whatever boxes people had left from packages (before everything was delivered from Amazon), or from grocery and liquor stores. The problem with those boxes is that sometimes they were carrying something that is packed differently than your belongings would be, so you start to put together a box and realize It doesn’t have a bottom! 

For that reason alone, I finally bought boxes when I was moving home from grad school. I went to Home Depot and bought a set of ten or so boxes for not-too-much money. A lot of people scoff at buying boxes, but you know what? I packed them and drove them in a U-Haul trailer from DC to Memphis. I moved them into my new home. I kept them in a storage unit for six months. I moved them into a new apartment. And I moved them into my house. There are still some holding things in my attic. I’m not saying they last longer than free boxes, but I’m saying they have earned their worth by lasting so many moves. It was worth the money to know I had the size and number of boxes I needed. If you don’t want to pay for boxes – don’t! It’s not a big deal either way, and I’ve moved with free boxes and moved with bought boxes and it’s all the same.

And it’s never fun.

The best thing about moving, besides getting a new place that you (hopefully!) love, is having the chance to look at all of your stuff. I have always downsized during moves. Whether it’s stuff you forgot you had and don’t need anymore, or you just get tired of packing and decide to get rid of the rest, it’s a great opportunity to get minimalize. Sometimes unpacking is a great time for that, too – when you get to the point that you just can’t look at another box – donate it!

5 thoughts on “Moving”

  1. We might move one more time. Maybe! And if we do, it WILL be to a smaller place. The Minimalists say that pretending to move is a great exercise – pack up your stuff and see how much you have, and what you can part with. I’m not about to do that, but I get the point.


    1. It’s a good idea, but I’m with you – I can’t actually pack it up! I do frequently go through things and box them up to take away, though! Totally counts, haha. I might move once more just because I *would* like a smaller place… My house is wonderful and I love it but it’s big for just 2. I have some ideas for it, though…


  2. 24 years in the military meant lots of moves. Even though the packing is done for you I still downsized each time. It was interesting coming back from overseas assignments to stuff that had been in storage for 3-4 years. If we got along without it for that long do we really need it now??? Usually not.


    1. I feel the same way – stuff my mom kept in her attic for me, stuff I’d put away and found randomly – I should just get rid of it! But I always have to look through it – curiosity killed the cat!

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