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Online Shopping

I will admit it – I am addicted to online shopping.

I know this space is all about saving money and not having things, so that’s a weird thing to admit. Except I don’t mean that I overspend or indulge when I shop online. I am just addicted to the convenience.

I use Amazon Subscribe and Save for almost all of my household goods. I get toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner delivered every few months. I get toilet paper delivered every month. I get bags of coffee beans and cleaning supplies. Subscribing means I get a small discount on each purchase, which probably makes it a good deal, but I’m sold on the fact that it comes to my door on (or around) the same date each month, and I don’t have to think about it. To me, it’s like having your bills set on autopay – you know it’s going to get done, so you can put it out of your mind.

Every so often I get online and look at my subscriptions to change the frequency or get rid of one altogether. I only get what we need, and it’s easier for me than getting it all from a store – and probably a bit cheaper, especially with Prime shipping.

I need to research the shipping aspect, though. How much am I damaging the environment by having a big box of supplies shipped to me via plane or truck every month? Is it better than driving my car to the store every month, and possibly driving back for what I forgot? I’m not sure, but right now, with everything on my mind, it’s worth knowing these necessities are taken care of without any effort. I still go to the grocery store every two weeks for our food, and can pick up anything extra there, but it’s less of a hassle.

Do you do Subscribe and Save, or order most of your stuff online? Do you think you spend more or save more this way?

5 thoughts on “Online Shopping”

  1. I did subscribe and save once for a few months but then decided it wasn’t really a necessity only a want… I tend more to the Costco buy in bulk and only use online shopping for things I can’t find locally at an equivalent price.


    1. I need to price out everything… I think it is worth it for the convenience, for me, but might not be the best financially and impacting the environment. They don’t pack it as I would like – my monthly goods don’t come in one shipment. So I have to evaluate this some more. I don’t have a big box store membership so I don’t do bulk, but I’ve “shared” a membership with people before so that’s an option.

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  2. I’ll have to think about this – maybe Subscribe & Save is the way to go. For us, it’s never more than a mile or two to the store, so I know I’m not using a lot of gasoline, and we try to combine trips.


    1. I try to get a big list before going to the store, but the grocery store is closest, and sometimes non-food items are more there. But Walmart is far away, and I don’t really like shopping there, but… I’m trying to do the math and see what’s best. More on that later!


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