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Reading is my favorite way to pass the time. I read A LOT. Get a book for free from the library. Borrow a book from a friend. Splurge and buy a book – I promise it’s worth it. It’s pretty easy for me to carve out time for it, either in the morning before anyone else wakes up, or before bed when everyone else is asleep.

Sometimes I read too long on the couch, when I should be doing anything else.

But sometimes you need a break. Let the dishes sit in the sink. Let the dust bunnies live on the floor for one more day. You don’t have to write that blog post, or send that email, or reply to that text.


Sit back, get comfortable, and read.

Excuse the short post today, but I have something else to do… I’ll get back to you after this chapter.

2 thoughts on “Reading”

    1. I read all of the time instead of writing! I was a creative writing undergrad and in an MFA program for a year, but since my writing has been practically nonexistent. So sad – something I desperately need to remedy.


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