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Writing 26 blog posts has been hard. Blogging used to be easy for me; I typically wrote 12 posts a month, which is way less than 26, but way more than… what have I been averaging lately… 2? That might be a little generous.

It’s interesting, though. I like pushing myself to write every day, and to write on a topic, however loose that topic may be. I journal 3 pages every morning, but this is different. I feel like I’m getting back to my old blogging self, which might also sound weird… I feel like most people don’t think blogging is hard, or something that takes merit or talent. But I feel like it does, if you’re really doing it. Don’t get me started on “big” bloggers with sponsored posts all over the place. But blogging like how it actually started way back when? That’s fun. And I think it takes drive and talent to do it and keep at it and engage readers.

But it’s been so different than what my writing and creative life have been for the past four years. So I have been trying to write ahead a bit, and take a break. Like my Reading post. Or breathing with Spring.


And now. With playing underneath a homemade tent with my son. The killer klowns are after us, but we can shoot them with his fart blaster and they go away. So I’m off to help fight the good fight.

(And yes, we had to anchor them to the drawers with underpants. Another U!)

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