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Wedding Flowers

My thoughts on weddings could fill a very opinionated, very unreadable book. So I’ll keep them to myself, at least until I can form them into cohesive “Green Wedding” posts.

For now, I wanted to share my wedding flowers. I love daffodils and my mom loves crocheting, so she found and tweaked a pattern and made me these gorgeous blooms so I can have my favorite flower year-round. I’m lucky that she’s so talented, because knitted and crocheted bouquets on etsy don’t look as good and cost way more.

I carried them as my wedding bouquet because I wanted daffodils, but the day before my spring wedding trip, we had an un-Memphis-like snowstorm. Adding in an 8 hour drive (made longer by the road conditions), I didn’t think fresh daffodils, if I could find any under the snow, would survive the trip.

This bouquet was perfect, and it looked pretty and quirky in the wedding photos. And it still looks pretty darn good sitting next to my couch!

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