year of living minimally

The Year of Living Minimally: Week Two

This past week was a good week. I felt really on top of my game in pretty much every aspect of my life, which was a nice change from the last several months!

  • I only did one load of laundry. It’s so nice to be able to do my clothes, my son’s clothes, towels, washcloths, and napkins in one load of laundry. It conserves water, power, and time.
  • My utility bill was about $30 less than normal! This doesn’t take into account using fans over A/C (I’ll have a post on that later), just not needing anything for a few glorious days.
  • I have been spending a lot less, period. I’ll explore this in more detail when I do my monthly spending breakdown, but it’s so exciting to keep track of bank accounts and… not have much to keep track of! (In a good way – I just realized that could also sound like nothing is in there – ha! Just that not much is coming out, so I don’t have to keep track.)
  • I got a lot of books from the library. This doesn’t really sound like anything new, but for a few months at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, if my library didn’t have a book, I just bought it from Amazon. Usually I have only kept books by my favorite authors and kids’ books. But for awhile I was in the “treat yoself” mindset and bought any book I wanted to read. Now I just add them to my impossibly long “Want To Read” Goodreads shelf, and/or add them to my PaperbackSwap wish list.
  • I went grocery shopping last Sunday (not yesterday) and spent $105. This is really good because I’ve spent closer to $140-160 the last couple of visits, even with me watching my spending. We needed less this time, and still have some food left from previous visits, but it felt nice to have a lower bill and see how long it will last. I did not go to the grocery yesterday, thank goodness, because I hate grocery shopping, but also because we have plenty of food left – even produce that is still good.
  • I did the dishes every other day. This is more housekeeping than being minimal or conserving… but sometimes I let dishes stack up and it makes me feel gross just looking at them. They’re not dirty – I rinse them thoroughly after use so there’s no bug problem, but I just see it as a pile of something to do. I started doing them every other morning while my coffee was brewing, and it made me feel productive and made the house look better.
  • I finally dyed the clothes I bought back in January. Again, this is not necessarily minimalism, but it’s something I enjoy doing, and I’ve been looking forward to it for months! I wanted to wait until we had sunny days so I could let the clothes bask in the sun. I think they turned out really great – I’ll share once they’re completely done.

A couple of not-so-great things:

  • I drove more this week. I had a meeting at a school about 20 minutes away. I drove my son to gymnastics (about 20 minutes again), and then had dinner at a friend’s house waaaay far out. All of these outings were fun and worth it, but it was more driving than I’ve done in awhile.
  • I made food for my friend’s dinner from stuff I already had at home, but also stopped by a store to pick up drinks and dessert, so I spent more than I should have – just bringing the dish was enough, bringing the other stuff was just because I was craving it. Whoops!
  • Also, we got home late and the leftover dish stayed in the car while I put my son to bed, and it was forgotten until the next morning. That means the food was wasted, which made me feel horrible. There wasn’t much left, but still – it was food, and it was an avoidable mistake. UGH.

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