year of living minimally

The Year of Living Minimally: Week Four

This week felt so productive, both inside and outside the house.

  • I separated one of my aloe plants; it had multiplied from one into five or six – it was hard to tell with the roots tangled. I wet the plant and gently massaged the roots (I felt like the Plant Whisperer) and re-potted it into five different pots. Now I have more greenery around the house!
  • My photography show wrapped up so I was able to take down the work and hang them around my house. Some of them had previously been hanging in my house, but some nails were newly empty since my husband took some of his paintings, so it’s nice to have those empty spaces filled. I didn’t hang everything up because I don’t want cluttered walls – and some of the pieces sold – BOOYAH! I’m so excited that 5 of my pieces are now hanging on strangers’ walls! And am also happy that some of my work is gracing my own walls again.
  • I also cleaned the house a LOT this week. Closets are organized, I moved some rugs around and cleaned floors and I LOVE the look and feel of my house right now. Still some work to do, but I feel light and can breathe easily and this space feels like mine again!
  • When getting something from the attic, I remembered that there are still some baby things up there to donate. (I am a prime example of “out of sight, out of mind”!) I had 3 bags in my closet to take to donate, so I took those in the attic to help my room feel clean. I think I am going to have to borrow a pickup truck for my next donation run, which will hopefully happen soon!
  • My latest utility bill is down about $30 MORE, and it had already gone down about $30 in the past month or two! This is with me using the A/C and fans, so it’s nice to know it’s not expensive to stay at the comfy temp I’m used to.
  • Update: the Chinese dinner ordered on Friday actually provided eight meals, making it mathematically about the same as meals prepared at home!
  • I went grocery shopping and got enough food and supplies for… a LONG time. It was the same amount as my last grocery bill, so I know I can stay in that range twice a month, though I will be buying more produce in between major shopping trips. So my grocery bill is what I projected, even though that projection was a “Yeah right, I wish.” Win!
  • I used ONLY canvas bags at the grocery this time. I did self checkout because I usually prefer the route of least human interaction. But the self checkout does not understand that canvas bags weigh a little bit. It scolded me after pretty much EVERY item that I needed to put it in the bag, or remove it from the bag and make sure it was the right item. Next time I will try a regular line again. I did once with canvas bags and the bagger had no problem with it, but I prefer to not have to be like “Oh I brought my own bags, SORRY.” I guess I could just bag my own at a clerked line… hm.


  • EVERYONE’S BIRTHDAY IS IN MAY! That means I bought cards and gifts and meals out. Yup. MEALS out. Like… three times in one week. It was special stuff though, not just fast food, and of course these are rare occurrences, so I enjoyed them all – food AND company!
  • I just felt stressed overall. Looking back at my planner – wow. This was a huge week. To me, living minimally also means cutting down on stress, drama, etc, so I failed hard in that regard this week. But that should be somewhat rare also – fingers crossed!

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