year of living minimally

The Year of Living Minimally: Week Five

This past week was hard, emotionally. I had so much to get done before starting a new job (more on that later) and going on a trip, and I have so much going on in my personal life that I hardly got any sleep, and felt nauseous all week.

On the plus side, instead of letting that overwhelm me and drown me, I pushed through and got everything done! I used to be like that, but over the past few years I have definitely become lazier. I thought it was just me, changing my personality or letting motherhood exhaust me too much. But pushing through this week was a huge revelation that I am changing back to who I was before, and it really inspired me!

  • I recorded 3 podcasts for We Are Storytellers! Two were interviews that will air later, and it was so much fun to talk to two writers/illustrators! One was a Choose Your Own Adventure story I started writing that will continue in future episodes. It was nice to get all of these done before my time to devote to this project is significantly reduced!
  • The Choose Your Adventure podcast meant I was writing! I stayed up one night after my son went to bed finishing out some storylines, and it felt so nice to be writing at night like I used to in college.
  • I am presenting a program about podcasts at a big library branch today so I had to work on notes and ideas for that, also. I got it done and have SO MANY pages of notes, I might have to cut myself off at times!
  • I did laundry and hung it out on the line again. This is a huge accomplishment because I used the clothesline all the time when I had cloth diapers because it got them so clean and dry, but once diapers weren’t an issue, my laziness usually won and I put everything in the dryer even on nice sunny days. I’ve hung out laundry several times so far this summer even though the simple act gets me sweaty quickly!
  • My kid and I went to two free concerts at the Levitt Shell! They put on free concerts every summer, usually Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. We’ve been to maybe one each summer, but we went on Friday and Sunday this past week and it was so much fun! The shows are free and you can bring blankets, chairs, food, and drinks – or buy food and drinks there. Such a cool thing that makes me love this city so much.
  • Talk about free entertainment – we went to two libraries for their Explore Memphis (summer learning) kickoffs! The Central Library had music IN the library lobby – so really we heard live music every day this weekend! They also had face painting, and art tables, and their children’s department is so often we just played back there for awhile. Then we went to our favorite library branch to sign up for the summer reading challenge, gets some snacks, and play with bubbles! Free for the win!
  • We played a lot with toys that had been put away for awhile. As much as I get the purging bug (wow that sounds gross) and want to get rid of toys, my son definitely cycles through them. The best I can do for now is put them away in attractive ways so that when he wants to play, he can pull out something old instead of feel bored and want a new toy.
  • We played outside in our little pool a lot too. I need to be careful about letting it drain completely, but it’s hard for me because it’s so much water being used! And all it does is water our grass and give me more to mow, haha. I might start scooping some out to water our garden and even our indoor plants so I don’t feel as wasteful. Water waste is something I need to write about more, also.
  • I focused a lot on what I want my house to look like on the outside. I usually ignore it, except for mowing the grass. But there are some bushes I want to dig up, and I need to lay more grass in parts, and fix up my porch. This was something I got really lazy about in the past two years so it’s nice to focus on it again.
  • We are ready to start a new summer camp and new job together, and it really couldn’t have worked out better. I am so grateful that, with life not being what I expected right now, some little things are coming together to show me that it’s still the right path, even if it’s different.
  • I have also been focusing on my emotional life and anxiety and sleep patterns. Once we start this new chapter it will be easier to get on a schedule, though I still usually let it go since it’s summer and stays light so late! But once we start getting up earlier, I am going to plan some time to write – for fun and for work.

The not-so-goods:

  • I spent a lot of money this past week. They were necessary expenses, but it still feels like a punch in the gut to look at my bank account. I spent more than I usually spend in an entire month…
  • One major expense was car repairs. The report back about my 15 year old car was better than expected, though, and the maintenance was less expensive than I estimated, so really this could be on the plus side…
  • Seeing new bands at the Levitt Shell for free doesn’t actually turn out to be free, because I fall in love with these artists and buy their music! Right now I am binging on Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear, whom we saw Friday night. The band is a man and his mom – how sweet is that?! Their music is so good on its own, but when I think of them making music together and touring together, it makes my heart so happy. Imagine all the memories they are making together! I love it.
  • No grocery spending this week, but I haven’t been making good dinners. As I mentioned, I’ve felt nauseous and sick a lot so I haven’t been eating much, and when I did eat, it was yucky comfort food that was yummy in the moment – mac and cheese, corn dogs, chicken nuggets. Basically my 4yo is eating better than me.

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