year of living minimally

The Year of Living Minimally: Week Eight

This week found me overloaded. I was trying to stay positive and stay on top of things and while nothing majorly awful happened, I just feel down. I am tired and worn out and impatient and frustrated with myself.

I have been eating junk. I get home too tired to cook a nice meal, or am too tired to buy fresh produce at the store, so I just eat whatever. When I have an appetite. Most of my dinners have been “snacks”.

But I’ve been super hungry during the day, so I ate lunch out thrice last week at work. Expensive and not the best food. I mean, it was delicious, but so unhealthy.

It was rainy on laundry day so I had to use the dryer for two loads of clothes.

Possibly related to dryer use, but I’m not sure: one of my son’s t-shirts came out of the laundry with several major holes in the back. I didn’t check it before I washed it but I can’t imagine how he would have gotten holes there on his own. I folded the rest of the laundry worried that there would be more holes in things – there’s no way I could replace that many of our clothes, even thrifting! Thankfully that seemed to be the only ruined garment.

My utility bill is higher for the past month. Not a huge deal because I know the temp outside is hotter so my AC is working harder, but not a fun thing to get in the mail.

My biggest thing to address this week (and following weeks): I need to push myself to get more done in my down time, instead of wasting time.

A few pluses:

We went to a new splash pad over the weekend. It cost $5 to play for 50 minutes but it is a beautiful, fun place, so it was worth it to make my son happy – he had been talking about it all week!

We also went to the Children’s Museum. (The reason I mentioned how much the other splash pad costs is because we can access the Children’s Museum splash pad for free with our membership.) We only went for a couple hours to play with certain things, but it was still nice to get out of the house because our weekends are often just being low key at home.

We went to another show at the Levitt Shell with friends, which is fun and free!

We got some great things at the grocery store – fresh fruit and veggies and plenty of dinners that won’t be too hard for me to cook after a long day. We also got a free loaf of fancy pants bread! I don’t typically eat bread, but it was the weekly Free Friday so you know I couldn’t pass it up!

I need to keep the positives in mind, however small, and focus on improving from there. I just have a few big things that stress me out when I think about them, but they have deadlines so I NEED to think about them – well, I need to WORK ON THEM! Does anyone have tips for kicking their butt into gear?

2 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally: Week Eight”

  1. Sometimes things don’t go as we planned, right? I’ve had many stumbles this past year, but I think blogging about your week, each week, is a reminder of what is working.
    Allison, you’re doing great! 💚


    1. Thanks for the encouragement! Things have just been emotionally stressful and I’m letting it take over my life, but I’m getting back on track this week.


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