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Homemade Pillows

When I worked at the public library, I held a teen program for making no-sew pillows. We used the iron-on hem tape, an iron, and scraps of material you can buy bundled together. We stuffed them from a big bag of fluff. Some teens ironed their pillows together as-is, some tried to fold in the raw edges and hide them, and some (ok, one, ha!) forgot to flip their material so the bright side would show once it was stuffed. It was a fun program and it inspired me to go back to the store and buy more supplies to make my own pillows. I picked single scraps of material though, matching together complimentary patterns and colors.

Let’s let a year go by…

Here we are in the present, with me cleaning my house and trying to wrap up loose ends. I find this material, hem tape, and stuffing. When I mention the pillows to my mom, she mentions that she would be happy to sew them while using her machine for other stuff anyway, and she also has some pillow forms she doesn’t need. Cue me finding t-shirts I don’t wear anymore and won’t fit into my t-shirt quilt (more on THAT later), but that I still want to keep.

We ended up making 9 pillows. And when I say we, I mean most definitely my talented mother. She can do way more than sew in a straight line, but that skill was very necessary for this project and that skill is one I do not possess (insert vague reference about the t-shirt quilt because ME TRYING TO SEW is why that quilt isn’t a thing yet).

My favorite is from a shirt that was super tight on me and made from really thin material. So while I loved the message, I wasn’t a fan of wearing the shirt. But it makes the perfect pillow for my reading corner!


Six pillows were made from the material swatches. Here are a few:

Something to brighten up the couch
Another for the couch – handwriting on one side helps showcase my (already existing) typewriter pillow
A bright, cute construction pillow for my little boy
Bright yellow polka dots (with tiny elephants on the other side!) to complement the gorgeous quilt a friend made me

Now I don’t have that project hanging over my head (thanks, Mom!) and I have a bunch of new pillows to spruce up my house! I use about 3 pillows when I sit on the couch (two cushioning the corner of the couch behind me and one to hug) and about 5-7 in bed, so these have been wonderful to have around the house.

In the featured image at the top of the post, the homemade pillows (if it isn’t painfully obvious) are the green one on the left, the black Gilmore Girls one, and the gray one on the far right.

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