year of living minimally

The Year of Living Minimally: Week Twelve

This week was focused on the kitchen. I was determined to find ways to use food before it goes bad, store food thoughtfully, and assess what I actually need to have in the kitchen.

I invested in four glass storage containers. They are divided into three sections so I can use them to take lunch to work, and also for food storage at home. I have wanted quality glass containers over plastic Tupperware for a long time, so it was worth the money. An added bonus is that I can get rid of some of my plastic Tupperware! This is great because I won’t be using plastic for storage as much, and it will reduce a LOT of clutter in my container cabinet. I have countless plastic containers of various sizes that I used to load up to take to work for lunch, and now I can store everything in one glass container instead. I know someone who needs some Tupperware so I am passing along my plastic containers for more use, instead of recycling them.

I also bought two high quality plastic bento boxes for my son to use for school lunches. He used to squeeze three mismatched plastic containers in his lunch box, but now these bento boxes fit perfectly inside his lunch box with no struggle to zip it up! There are four or five openings in the box of various sizes, so his sandwich, crackers, fruit, and more can all fit into the same container. I feel so efficient packing our lunches now!

I also indulged in four beeswax cloth wraps. I don’t use wax paper or saran wrap much, but these wraps seem like a good thing to have on hand. Since I bought them, I gave my saran wrap and wax paper to my mom – these were boxes that had been in the cabinet for over a year, I use them so infrequently!

I don’t buy paper towels so when making bacon the other night, I wondered how I would blot the grease. I had used rags before, but the grease never came all the way out, even if I used dish soap, baking soda, detergent – anything! So I would use a rag a time or two until it was grease-laden, then just toss it. I looked up tips online and realized – d’oh! I could use cookie racks on top of the baking sheet so the grease will drop down onto the pan and the bacon can cool on the racks instead of swimming in grease! I haven’t tried it yet, but the idea is pretty close to life-changing! It has also inspired me to think of other ways I can adapt.

4 thoughts on “The Year of Living Minimally: Week Twelve”

  1. i always immediately remove the bacon with tongs to sit in one of my cast iron pans–dripping any excess oil into a pan that can use it. then i pour all of the other grease into a cup to use for cooking eggs & potatoes. i love my bacon grease. i do use towels to let egg rolls dry on after they come out of the oil. i just use towels i don’t really like. i don’t notice grease stains? but i never use a dryer so i figure if there is any grease it will wash out eventually.


    1. Once I stopped buying paper towels I was fine using alternatives, so that’s my method now – just stop buying the wasteful things and see how I can make it work! So far it’s actually going well.


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