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July Recipe – Tangy Peach Salmon

This isn’t much of a recipe, more of a “oh no, these peaches are going bad – what can I do with them?!” moment.

I had two peaches the were started to shrivel, and I didn’t feel like making something sweet with them – no breads, cookies, scones. So I looked up savory recipes to make sure tastes like soy sauce (which I love too much) would work well with peach. I often think things will taste great together, but like to double-check with the internet because I’m not that confident in the kitchen. I found a recipe that included ingredients I had in the kitchen, or some I figured I could easily substitute, and I was off!

I diced up the peaches and put the in a skillet with a sprinkling of soy sauce. Then I cut up some mushrooms (also on the verge of going bad) and added them to the mix. Once everything cooked down a bit, I scooped it all onto a plate and cooked a salmon fillet in the juices. Once the salmon was close to done, I added the peaches and mushrooms back in to warm up, and to hopefully add flavor to the salmon.

I cooked some plain couscous as a side, but ended up putting a lot of the peaches and mushrooms right on top. The sweetness of the peaches and tangy-ness of the soy sauce pepped up the couscous, and the salmon had great flavor.

I don’t know how often I would actually cook this, because I usually prefer salty and spicy and savory foods over sweet, and the peaches made this a bit too sweet. But it was a great way to use up what I had without letting it go bad, and it was a nice change from my usual boring dinners.

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