year of living minimally

The Year of Living Minimally: Week Thirteen

This week was better than the past few, mentally and emotionally. I wasn’t feeling the best, physically, but overall I was in better spirits than I have been.

A local organization put two plastic bags on my front door to pick up donations, so I filled it with things that had been waiting in my closet. I usually donate to a specific organization but I checked this one out and agree with its mission, plus you can’t beat home pick-up!

I have been cooking healthier dinners and using the food I already have in the freezer and cabinets so, while I still had to go to the grocery store (I didn’t think my kid would eat this much until he was a tween!), I didn’t have to get as many staples and instead just loaded up on produce. I’ve been craving veggies lately, which is super weird for me but I’ll go with it! And I’ve been having fruit for lunch and it all has been so perfectly sweet I feel like I’m eating a decadent dessert!

This week I am going to sit down and meal plan, meal prep, and outfit plan in anticipation of the school year starting soon. I am eager to see what our weekdays look like once we get in a routine. I know it is waaaaaay too early, but I’m also looking forward to cooler weather so I can do some crockpot dinners!

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