I’ve been interested in recycling, reusing, saving money, and going green for years. It was an easy lifestyle to live when I was single, traveling constantly or living in a 450 sq ft apartment. But now I have a house and a kid, and my lifestyle has definitely changed. I am really pushing to make a permanent change to our lives. Follow along on our journey of trial and error and experiments with how we can live our lives simply and happily.

– – –

My name is Allison. I am a writer and photographer who loves the idea of cooking, but don’t venture into the kitchen as much as I should. I am trying to slow down, enjoy the moments, and start living simply again, because my life has been in turmoil for too long and I am ready to find myself.

My son won’t be talked about in a detailed manner on the blog, because… don’t get me started on mommy bloggers exploiting their kids all over the Internet. But of course he will be mentioned because he’s my life, so I will either refer to him as my son or T. He is four years old and the smartest, sweetest, most considerate kid you will ever meet.