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I’ve been cooking salmon in different ways lately because it makes a filling and delicious dinner. It also makes me feel a lot better. I used to be able to eat burgers galore, but now red meat makes me feel sluggish and sick, so I’m trying to do more with chicken and fish. Salmon has so many benefits and tastes the least fishy so it’s my usual choice.

I’ve been craving vegetables lately, but I hesitate to buy too much from the produce section. No matter how good my intentions are on grocery day, it seems like I always have food to use at the last minute, or toss because it’s already gone bad.

So these green beans were a frozen steamer pack, but they still hit the spot. I kept some plain as a side dish, but cut up the rest for my un-casserole.


I cooked the salmon in a skillet first, with some Cajun spices – my favorite way to flavor it. Then I cut it up and put it aside. I mixed a packet of Parmesan noodles to boil while the green beans steamed. When the noodles were tender, I added the cut green beans and salmon. The sauce didn’t firm up enough with the extras added in, so I put some extra grated Parmesan cheese in to thicken it.

It might not be a gourmet recipe, but it was delicious and filling, satisfied my vegetable craving, AND got some things out of my freezer and cabinet!


Bacon Update

I’ll start off with this news, which is good and bad: my kid now likes bacon! He didn’t for quite some time, despite saying “What’s that yummy smell?” every time it was cooking. I made some Saturday for lunch and he ate a few pieces with his sandwich! He is far from a picky eater but I have to admit I got used to him not liking bacon and having it all for my greedy self!

You can kind of see the rack underneath all that meat…

I used the cooling rack on a deep baking sheet and the bacon was definitely less greasy! There was still a fair amount on the top of the bacon that I had to blot, so I will still need a grease towel or rag, but overall it worked better, was easier to clean, and I didn’t have to drain grease from the pan halfway through cooking.