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Both of my grandmothers used to make sourdough bread every week. One would make crusty loaves, and one made tray after tray of rolls to take to all of her social functions. My mom would occasionally borrow a cup of the starter to make loaves and rolls for our family. Sometimes she even made homemade cinnamon rolls – yum!

When I was in my 20s, soon after I bought my house, I decided I wanted to make bread, too. It seemed so domestic, but also I loved the taste of the bread so I wanted to have the power of making it for myself! I made the starter based on my grandmother’s instructions, and fed it every week, and made bread every week. At the time I had a great job and my coworkers were all like family, so I would make bread for myself, then take all the rest to them. They loved the rolls and would often ask when I would be making the next batch.

I stopped not long after I met my husband, because it was a lot to keep up with, and I wasn’t eating the bread anymore. I love making bread for others and making them happy through food, but it was too much effort. Not long after that I had a tough pregnancy and then had a kid, so making bread hasn’t really happened since then.

My husband found a recipe for ice cream bread and made that once, but it was too dense and dry for me. Lately I’ve found myself craving the fluffy, moist, crusty sourdough I used to make. I want the habit of feeding and making bread again, too, but I also know I can’t really take on a new “chore” with everything going on right now. I might have to find a different recipe, a bread I can make once a month instead of having to maintain weekly.

Do you have a favorite bread recipe?

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Wedding Flowers

My thoughts on weddings could fill a very opinionated, very unreadable book. So I’ll keep them to myself, at least until I can form them into cohesive “Green Wedding” posts.

For now, I wanted to share my wedding flowers. I love daffodils and my mom loves crocheting, so she found and tweaked a pattern and made me these gorgeous blooms so I can have my favorite flower year-round. I’m lucky that she’s so talented, because knitted and crocheted bouquets on etsy don’t look as good and cost way more.

I carried them as my wedding bouquet because I wanted daffodils, but the day before my spring wedding trip, we had an un-Memphis-like snowstorm. Adding in an 8 hour drive (made longer by the road conditions), I didn’t think fresh daffodils, if I could find any under the snow, would survive the trip.

This bouquet was perfect, and it looked pretty and quirky in the wedding photos. And it still looks pretty darn good sitting next to my couch!