Bacon Update

I’ll start off with this news, which is good and bad: my kid now likes bacon! He didn’t for quite some time, despite saying “What’s that yummy smell?” every time it was cooking. I made some Saturday for lunch and he ate a few pieces with his sandwich! He is far from a picky eater but I have to admit I got used to him not liking bacon and having it all for my greedy self!

You can kind of see the rack underneath all that meat…

I used the cooling rack on a deep baking sheet and the bacon was definitely less greasy! There was still a fair amount on the top of the bacon that I had to blot, so I will still need a grease towel or rag, but overall it worked better, was easier to clean, and I didn’t have to drain grease from the pan halfway through cooking.

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Paperless Towels

After saying that I don’t use rolls of paper towels I figured I needed to clarify a bit, since I do use paperless towels. I stumbled upon these at a small local shop that supports women’s crafts and businesses, so I feel good when I stock up on these.

I currently on my second paperless towel. They last a long time and honestly, I only put my first in the compost because it got super grungy-looking even after washing, so I moved on to a gray one that wouldn’t look as messy.


I have only used this brand so I can’t vouch for other paperless towels, but I love these. I mostly use them to wipe down counters and the kitchen table, but they are so durable I’m sure they can do whatever you need!